Guide To Online Bingo

Playing online bingo is a lot of fun, all you have to do is sign up to one of the online bingo sites listed here – but first, we have put together a guide to online bingo that will help you on your way

Once you have signed up and made a deposit, you next need to buy some bingo tickets for a game. You will see a list of ‘rooms’, which refer to the bingo games, with the time available to get your tickets bought.

Click into a room, and you will see you can purchase tickets. The more tickets you purchase, the more chances you have of winning. The higher the ticket price, the higher the winnings pot. If you go into a room that has 5p tickets, you will want to ‘select max.’ which means selecting the maximum amount of tickets you can buy for purchase. Click ‘buy tickets’ and you will see the cost deducted from your balance. If you go in a room where tickets cost £1, you might want to select fewer tickets instead of the maximum, however, it is up to you and your budget.

New players to online bingo should note – when the game starts, you just watch it play out.  You do not need to daub the numbers on the tickets, in fact, you don’t have to do anything. Most bingo rooms will have a chat room on the side, where you can chat and interact with others who are also playing bingo in that particular room. Your fellow chat room members are called ‘roomies’ and will often wish each other, and you, good luck.

If you win anything from the game of bingo, you will see it added to your account balance within a minute or two, and then you can decide to play on, or make a withdrawal.

Guide to Playing Online Slots

The variety of online slots available is forever increasing, from movies to Marvel themes, there is always something new to attract players. Here we have put together a simple guide for those who are new to playing online slots;

Types of online slots

Video Slots – slots that have video type graphics

Classic Slots – classic style reel slots

Progressive – the jackpot progressively increases as players of dedicated games play, and when the winning combination is hit, that player will win the overall jackpot from all dedicated games.

Jackpot – jackpot slots have a specific jackpot to be one, similar to above.

Types of slot game features

Bonus – a bonus round is hit when 3 ‘bonus’ symbols appear.

Free Spins – free spins usually appear when either 3 free spin symbols appear, or 3 ‘scatters’.

Scatter – when 3 ‘scatters’ appear, this can mean either some kind of bonus round is activated, or a bunch of free spins, or both, depending on the slot game.

When you first load up your chosen slot you will be able to see what the machine is set at. It is recommended that you select ‘maximum lines’ to increase every chance of winning. Then, adjust your stake, ‘bet per line’, and check it via the number in ‘total bet’.

An example of this is;

If the slot has 20 lines, and you select 1p per line, your overall bet will be 20p per spin.

You then play the slot game by pressing the spin button. Most players like to stay in the same slot for a while to see if they can get a bonus round, as these can be really interactive and fun, as well as delivering financial rewards. There is nothing to stop you from changing to other slots, though, trying some different themes out – online slots are completely random and have no memory, and so the longer you play a certain slot does not mean a better chance of a payout.

Guide to Online Sports Betting

Despite bookmakers having a great presence on the high street, more and more people are converting to the convenience and ease of sports betting online. With the choice of betting via a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, it is not just the ease of placing a bet this way that appeals. Online bookmakers are increasingly offering better odds and special offers to those who bet in such a way. If you are new to sports betting online, here we have put together a basic guide for placing a bet;

After setting up a new account and making a deposit, you are ready to place a bet. Now, depending on the website, you will be able to bet on any kind of market from various countries around the world. For now, we will use Football as an example.

Say you wish to place a bet on Tottenham Hotspur FC to win their coming Saturday match. You would select the ‘football’ section, and either select ‘weekend fixtures’ or perhaps ‘FA cup games’, or whatever it might come under. There, you will find the game you wish to bet on. The odds appear next to the team name, and by clicking on these odds, you will add the selection to your betting slip.

On the betting slip (find this by clicking the tab, or it is sometimes shown in the sidebar), you will then be able to enter your ‘stake’. This will then allow you to confirm and submit your bet.


Tottenham Hotspur FC 4/1 Win – if you bet £10, you will get £40 back as winnings, plus your original £10 stake.

Online sports bets are usually settled within 10 minutes of the results coming in, and your winnings should then appear automatically in your account. You can then choose to bet again or withdraw your winnings.

Guide to Playing Lotto Online

Playing lotto online could not be easier. Not only is it easy and convenient in the sense that you can play the lotto via a PC or laptop, or any mobile device connected to the internet, you can also set it up to auto-buy tickets so that you never miss a draw.

Upon setting up your account through one of the lotto sites we suggest here, you will then be able to input your card details or make a deposit. This is entirely up to you how you wish to work the financing of your tickets – if you aim to regularly purchase then it is possible to set up a direct debit.

On the lotto site, you will see that there are various draws to choose from. The national lotto games on Saturday and Wednesday are the ones most people are familiar with, then there is Euromillions, the Irish Lottery, and many more games and draws. You can select the draws you wish to partake in, a number of tickets you want, and how regular. This really will make your life easier when it comes to buying tickets.

Any winnings are usually paid directly into your lotto account, and this can be used to fund more tickets, or withdrawn to your bank for you to treat yourself with.

Guide to Online Poker

Once upon a time, poker had a reputation for being played after hours in the back rooms of public houses. Well, not anymore. Since poker went online, it has become a game that anyone can enjoy. And, being a game of strategy, it is something that all sorts of people have found themselves wanting to learn and practice. Here we have put together a basic guide to get you started in playing poker online;

You may have to download the poker software to your desktop in order to play, it just depends on the site you are playing on. Many online casinos allow you to play on their site, however. Once you have made a deposit, you are ready to roll!

There are various types of poker games – Texas Hold ‘Em, No Limit Hold ‘Em, and others, however, all poker involves betting, bluffing and hand values. You can play online poker for very little ‘buy in’, and sometimes even for free, which will allow you to practice your poker playing.

Here are some words and phrases that will help you on your way;

Betting – the amount your bet

Bluffing – when you carry on playing despite not having a good hand

Buy-in – The money you put into the pot to be able to play in a tournament.

Chips – Small plastic tokens.

Poker Tournaments – You pay your buy-in, get a stack of chips, and the eventual winner is the one who has all the chips.

Sit & Gos – these are smaller tournaments involving much less money and fewer players, often just one table.

Cash games (ring games) – games that treat the poker chips as real monetary value. In cash games, you can play for as long as you want and can cash out at any time.